The Pack is in!

Enticing Signature Crew Necks are now here..

1. attractive or tempting; alluring.

#EnticingShxtOnly is simply stated.

Our Signature Crew Neck Sweaters are a must have statement piece in your wardrobe....& yes, they are unisex!


What are Enticing Beauty Studios?

We are coworking salon suites that strive to create a supportive & thriving workspace for rising entrepreneurs in the beauty industry! With this expansion we have allowed many different beauty brands to advance their careers, under one roof! Our mission here at Enticing Beauty Studios is to show our clients just how beautiful they are by using our talents and passions while supporting & inspiring the next generation of beautyprenuers to turn their dreams into a reality!

  • Hair you will fall in love with....

    Ryin ( Left Model ) is wearing 3 Bundles with a HD Frontal of Deepwave Enticing Extensions

    Shaquille ( Right Model) is wearing 3 bundles of Straight Enticing Extensions

  • Lashes that are sure to entice...

    Ryin ( Left model ) is wearing Enticing Minks lash style "Beautiful"

    Shaquille ( Right Model ) is wearing a full volume set using Enticing Lash Extensions