FAQ & Care Instructions

What is the difference between Synthetic & Mink Lashes ?
- Quality. Although cheaper, Synthetic Lashes often look unnatural, may cause irritation & can only be worn a couple times! Because Mink Lashes are 100% natural fur, you get a feather like, lightweight & flexible look. Mink Lashes provides a natural shine resembling your natural lashes and is able to be worn 25+ times!

How do I apply my Mink Lashes?
- Gently remover your lashes by the end with tweezers

- Measure your lashes (before applying the glue) along your lash line and trim the extra. Trim from the outer end of the lash! This will keep your lashes from poking the inner and outer corners of your eyes! 

- Apply mascara to your natural lashes! This is recommended to darken your natural lashes so they easily blend with your Minks!

- Apply a nice amount of glue along the lash band, add a little extra at both ends of the lash for a strong hold. Do NOT get the glue on  your lashes!

- Allow the glue to dry for about 20 seconds before applying your minks 

- Grab the middle of your minks with tweezers and apply it as close as possible to the middle of your lash line. Hold it for a few seconds 

- Grab the outer ends of your minks and apply them as close as possible to your corners of your lash line. Hold in place for a few seconds 

- Allow lashes to set then use your fingers or a lash applicator and secure your minks to your natural lashes!

- Enjoy your lashes❤️ It's optional to use eye liner to go over gaps or glue

How do I care for my Mink Lashes ?
- Being gentle is key! You take care of your lashes, they take care of you! 😉
- Keep your lashes clean! After every use, take a cotton swab & makeup remover along the lash line then gently remove the glue with tweezers! The makeup remover loosens up the glue for an easy peel! Do not get remover all over your lashes! 
- Do not soak your lashes!! Our lashes are made up of 100% natural hair, soaking them will ruin the shape and curl of the lash!

- Do not use mascara! It will ruin the Mink hairs, your lashes are designed to last you 25+ wears, as long as there is no product applied! 

- Store your lashes in your original box after every use! This ensures your lashes keep their shape and stay clean from dust & debris! 

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